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Trevor James TJ10X 3031EAW flute outfit

Student Model, silver plated headjoint, body and keys. Split E mechanism, covered hole, offset G.

Our Price : £349.95 ea

Jupiter JFL511 ESSC Flute Outfit

Head silver plate with precious metal riser 92.5% silver content
Body & Foot silver plate
Covered hole
Offset G
Split E Mechanism
Key C
Vertical hold case cover

Our Price : £399.99 ea

Jupiter Curved Head Flute Outfit

Curved & Straight silver plate head
Body & Foot silver plate
Covered hole
Offset G
E Mec
Key C

Our Price : £519.98 ea

Yamaha YFL212 Flute ( New model )

Replacing the classic YFL-211 the NEW Yamaha YFL-212 takes 35 years of Yamaha flute quality and improves it for the next generation of beginner flutes.

Our Price : £586.00 ea

YFL-312 Step-Up Flute... With Silver Lip Plate

The YFL-312 features covered keys, an offset G key and includes a Split-E mechanism. As standard, the headjoint and lip plate are made from Sterling Silver.

Our Price : £1,059.00 ea

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