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pBone trombone outfit green (PBONE1G)

pBone is not a gimmick - it has at its heart a desire to make the trombone accessible - to everyone. All of us involved in this journey are brass players but most of all trombone lovers.

Over the past two years, Hugh Rashleigh a young design graduate from Loughborough University, has been working on turning his dream into a reality. And with that is the pBone - the world's first and only plastic trombone.

The trombone is the greatest of the brass instruments - really little has changed since its humble beginnings centuries ago. You cannot (easily) improve upon perfection! But everything about this instrument has been questioned.

Certainly the colour is striking and exciting. But also lightweight - in fact at least 30% lighter than a comparative instrument. pBone is very durable, you will find it hard to dent the glass-fibre slide or the bell [of course, be careful if you are trying to break one!].

The grip is focused on ease - the standard trombone grip is a stretch for young tendons in small hands. pBone allows you to hold the instrument in 3 distinct ways - simply chose which is easiest for you - and because it is light, having the weight on one hand is no longer a challenge.

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pBone trombone outfit green

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